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Sunday , November 20 , 2005: HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

So it's 1:00 am Saturday and I realized that I still haven't written this. So here I go I guess. Because this needs a real ending.

The last one I wrote was back in...ohh...riight before school started it looks like. So how's college been?

Great! Let's see if I can explain what I like about it. Hmm... First, the classes actually fucking matter/I'm actually LEARNING. English: Essays I actually care about. I can say "I" ALL I WANT! It's awesome. Math: I can solve some shit now! I'm learning things I didn't have a CLUE about last year! This is really refreshing when compared to last year when class was practically a repeat of the year before. Sociology and CS: Totally didn't have anything like those last year. Last year, in contrast (especially the last semester) was just a lot of bullshit in comparison.

But then I also like having more freedom, like many students do at my age. I can pretty much do what I feel like. My parents aren't on me to do stuff all the time. I like that. But I'm not really out there partying all the time either. I should really be going to all over the place, doing the dumb things Res Life puts on for us, meeting some cute girls and even *le gasp* getting a girlfriend. But noo, I either work on things or fuck off on the computer, burning my eyes out even at the sad sad time of 1:21 am. Oh well. My computer's cool and I'm planning on making another one. Plus, once I have a job (probably next semester) I'll be out and about more. I also kinda have an excuse because I'm new here (and pretty shy as far as introducing myself to weird people--I can talk to people just fine when put into a situation but I can't just *make* one, y'know?). Anyhow. Enough with the whining.

I also like how I'm going with my parents. We don't fight anymore. Dad works up here sometimes and when he comes up we eat out. Dave, his employee, has been there too. We don't talk like Dad's my dad and has to boss me around or reprimand me--we talk like guys, you know? It's really nice. Plus, Dave is a cool guy. :D

So what activities have supplanted comic-drawing in my life? I started using IRC. I hang on the #runescape and #communistgamers on GameSurge (even though I don't really game) and on #hackaday on efnet (even though I make a lousy hacker). It's fun. I like typing to people. It almost helps replace that strange gap in my social life. Almost.

I've also set up a home page on the ASUAF servers. There's some stuff there I like, and some things I'm not so proud of. It's all cool though.

Umm... anything else? Yeah, little things, but nothing huge. I think I will move on.

So, I think one question, like, two people have asked is: Am I gonna make more comics in the future? Because I guess I was funny to some. The answer: Maybe. I've thought about it. I have another Power Rangers parody idea laying around that I might draw up at some point. I don't draw as much as I did but I still sketch stuff in my lined paper. Maybe if I get a scanner and I find I have free time (I actually seem to have quite a bit these days, but then again I'm taking 4 classes without a job at the moment, which I plan on changing next semester) or after I get another computer for Windows work (meaning something where setting up the tablet isn't a total bitch...which reminds me--I just upgraded Ubuntu, maybe it'll work now?), I'll go ahead and draw up some things. They *probably* won't appear here though, and they will *very likely* NOT be regular like these updates (for the most part) have been. If I do more they'll probably end up on a blog somewhere (I've actually thought about starting a weblog even though everybody and their little brother and sister are doing the same thing. Who knows? We'll see. Not right now though.

Heh... maybe I should talk about this, shall we say, "comic"? This was one case where the first idea I had pretty much turned out to be the idea I went with. It's Thanksgiving week (by coincidence) after all, and what webcomic is complete without holiday filler? Plus, it's irrational anger. How awesome is that? :D

Finally, yes that is my ugly face. A few weeks ago I got a much needed hair cut and a beard trim. Before that, though, I was a certifiable caveman. Warning: Not Safe For Sane People! :O I mean, even I am freaked out by that! Though, in my defense I was trying for that creepy LiveJournal look. :P

K, I lied. Here's the final thing:

(01:57:05) Offering to send 20051120b.html to <Joel's e-mail address removed so the ladies aren't banging down his e-door >
(01:57:16) Josh: The last rant for Wholesome Coolness
(01:57:32) Joel: ahh
(02:00:02) Joel: coolio
(02:00:21) Josh: Yeah
(02:00:46) Joel: its a good one
(02:01:11) Josh: good
(02:01:17) Josh: Anything I should fix?
(02:01:48) Joel: umm i dont think so. you add that i am a really cool kid. but other then that i dont think so
(02:04:35) Josh: You got it
(02:05:20) Joel: lol sweet

Thank you for reading, and Peace Our,


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